It’s Time for a Different Conversation

It’s Time for a Different Conversation

I first shared this information with my inner circle of clients and then, last month, I shared it with my mailing list.  It’s received such a favorable response that I wanted to share it with the business owners on LinkedIn, particularly those with whom I am connected and with whom I have spoken in my quest to meet via phone with my connections (more on that later).  This is the first in a series.

There are many stages of growth for a business, and more importantly, for a business owner.  This article is intended to help you transition during one of the most exciting stages for a business that’s been in existence long enough to…well, I’ll let the article unfold for itself.


 It’s an exciting moment when you first realize that your business has reached the point of relatively predictable cash flow and revenue generation.  When that happens, it’s time to have a different conversation with yourself.
A different conversation helps you to view your business with fresh eyes.  It allows you to begin thinking about what you want now for your business, now that you have achieved some of your initial goals.
A Different Conversation Requires Different Questions
When you are already successful in your business, the information you are seeking is not the standard “how can I grow my business?”
I have been working with a group of my clients to help them approach business ownership and continued growth from a different perspective and a higher level of thinking
In working with them, I have come to realize that as you reach this point in your business, you may not recognize that it’s time for a different conversation.  And, along with that, you may not know what new questions to now be asking yourself.
Because of this, I’m introducing this idea to you today because it’s most likely that it’s time for YOU to have that different conversation with yourself.
I’m sharing with you seven questions that my clients have found most helpful in determining their next steps and in triggering new thoughts, new ideas and new energy for the journey ahead. 

Seven Thought-Provoking Questions for When Your Business Has Reached the Point of Relatively Predictable Cash Flow and Revenue Generation:

  1. Do I know how I got here? 
    Have I made it repeatable (or can I make it repeatable); and can I “count on it” as a means for sustained or continued growth?
  1. Do I like what I have built? 
    Does my business support my values and the vision I have for my life?
  1. What’s on the horizon – or what do I want to be on the horizon – that’s exciting for me as I move forward? 
  1. Am I thinking big enough?
  1. Is there something about the way I am leading my business that I want to be different?
    • Note:  Even when you are a solopreneur, you are still the leader of your business
  1. Is it time to uplevel or expand my advisor team?
  1. Though it may be in the distant future, what do I need to be doing now to prepare and position the business for its ultimate transition?

Asking these questions allows you to assess the factors that will matter the most as you make key decisions for moving forward.  They help you to confirm your foundation and keep you from moving too fast if that foundation is not yet stable.  

They also help you to identify the areas to address if any of your answers are not to your liking.
More importantly, it gives you a framework for making decisions on new initiatives, forging new relationships or even moving in new directions.
To help you explore these questions more deeply, I’ve put together a worksheet for you that has suggestions to help you in answering each question. 
No Opt-In Required – this link goes directly to the download page on my website. Click it now to get your copy (no opt-in necessary – just download it).
This worksheet will help you to clarify your thinking and get yourself and your business ready for what’s ahead. 

You have the option to talk through any of the questions on the worksheet specific to your business by reaching out to connect with me and letting me know that you would like to talk. When you do, we’ll set-up a time for a short conversation.

In the meantime, if this article resonates with you or if you know someone who would benefit from reading it, please “like”, share or leave a comment.  

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