Working With a Business Coach

Every good athlete has a coach.  Through guidance, support, mentoring and accountability, working with a business coach is very similar to working with a sports coach.

Both will teach you strategy, show you how to implement, push you to do more (even those times when you don’t want to), and support you in taking the next big step in growing your business.

Coaches help you to perform at a much higher level and they will challenge you to do so. This includes working with you on your mindset (your mental game), a big factor in business success.

I work with already successful business owners – and savvy start-up entrepreneurs – to help you build a strong, sustainable and profitable business:

  • Increase your revenue
  • Get more new clients
  • Leverage new opportunities for your business

“Nothing is canned. There is no pre-ordained program that you march all your clients through. Everything is very, very focused on my specific business and the human being that I am.  Working with you moved us from being a part-time hobby business to a first-page-of-Google, almost million dollar business. It could not have happened without you!”
~ S. Penney, Virginia

Growing Your Business

Blending business coaching and consulting, I offer a suite of services designed to guide you in:

  • Clarifying your vision for your business
  • Developing a viable, detailed and doable action plan to achieve it
  • Implementing your action plan to achieve your goals and bring your vision to life

Together we’ll discuss what’s right for you and your business based on your desired outcome, your time frame and your personal style and preferences in getting things done.

“I’m glad I’m working with Dianne, because I’m achieving the outcomes I want.”
~ W. Hutchison, Australia

Increasing Business Revenue

Below are the key areas in which I work with business owners so you can increase your revenue, get more clients and identify and leverage new opportunities for your business:

  • Developing and monitoring your Money Metrics so you can confidently and consistently achieve your financial goals.
  • Developing a deep understanding of your target market, their pain points and their desired outcomes.
  • Differentiating your business from all the competition.
  • Developing a Strategic Advantage by positioning your programs, services and products as the right choice for your ideal or best clients.
  • Developing and implementing your strategy for acquiring new clients and increasing your revenue.

It all starts with a complimentary Business Growth Exploratory Session where we’ll explore the opportunities that you can create for growing your business.

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I’ll send you a short questionnaire to help you start thinking differently about your business. We’ll schedule a phone call and spend 45-minutes exploring the growth opportunities that you can create to bring in more clients, increase your revenue and add new and innovative services to your offerings.