Is Your To Do List a Stop Sign to Revenue?

Is Your To Do List a Stop Sign to Revenue?

Is your to do list a stop sign to revenue?
Those pesky to do lists. 

Loaded with a myriad of tasks that must be done. 

The list that gets more things added than checked-off.  The guide for how you, as a business owner who wants a thriving and financially healthy business, are spending your time.

But, what if you were spending your time doing the wrong things to grow your business? 

What if your to do list were actually a distraction from taking the specific and critical action that brings in the revenue?

What if working from your To Do List was actually creating a stop sign for revenue, keeping revenue out while it kept you busy and distracted.

Here’s the truth:  There is a good chance that this is what’s happening right now in your business.

Your To Do List has you focusing on the wrong thing in your effort to increase your revenue and grow your business.

Over the years in my work with business owners and professionals in private practice, I have developed a process for identifying the action within a business that triggers the revenue for that business.

What’s significant is that once that critical action is identified – the one that triggers the revenue – you then know exactly what to do to increase your business revenue because you know exactly what triggers revenue in your business.

With this knowledge, you can create a laser focus on that specific action to strengthen, improve and multiply it to increase your revenue.

It’s not magic – and it’s not a new strategy or tactic to learn.  That action already exists in your business; it just has to be pinpointed and identified.

Once I recognized the power of this information and polished the process used to get it, I gave that action a name.  I call it your Money Metric™. 

So, what does all of this have to do with To Do Lists, stop signs and revenue?

In my early work with clients in identifying their Money Metric™ and using it to grow their business, I worked with a business owner who, once her Money Metric™ was identified, spontaneously – and gleefully – exclaimed: “I’m throwing out that To Do List and working on this!”

She did.  Starting the next day.  And, she saw an almost immediate result.

She later said that all those things on her “to do” list, while important, were no-where near as important to revenue as simply acting on her Money Metric™. 

That’s how powerful it is when you know what triggers the revenue in your business. 

There’s more information accessible from the menu above. Just hover over Money Metrics™ and select the page to visit.  If you’re interested in learning even more about it, give me a call and I’ll be happy to talk with you.

In the meantime, take another look at your To Do List. That list is probably a stop sign to the revenue that can’t make it’s way into your business because you are focusing on something else.

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