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How to Have a More Powerful Business Discussion or Sales Conversation

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If you want to grab the attention of your listener and draw them into the conversation with deep interest in your message, don’t begin the conversation with a route presentation of who you are and a laundry list of what you’ve done and who you know.  Simon Sinek, author of…

It’s Time for a Different Conversation

I first shared this information with my inner circle of clients and then, last month, I shared it with my mailing list.  It’s received such a favorable response that I wanted to share it with the business owners on LinkedIn, particularly those with whom I am connected and with whom…

Unicorns, Cockroaches and Profit

Most of us cringe at the thought of a cockroach, while unicorns bring visions of fanciful horned horses and mystical happenings. When it comes to business, however, it turns out that unicorns really are the stuff of fairy tales and the lowly cockroach…well, maybe their DNA is just what you…

Is Your To Do List a Stop Sign to Revenue?

Those pesky to do lists.  Loaded with a myriad of tasks that must be done.  The list that gets more things added than checked-off.  The guide for how you, as a business owner who wants a thriving and financially healthy business, are spending your time. But, what if you were…

Dedicated to Small Business Owners Building Extraordinary Businesses

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extraordinary-image-onlyI am thrilled to be launching this new website!

It’s dedicated to you, the small business owner who wants to build an extraordinary business, to have fun doing it, and to make an awesome income as well.