Business Planning

Business Planning – Strategic Planning – SWOT Analysis

confident-business-woman-294pxBusiness planning allows you to set priorities, identify your strategy and lay out a plan of action for achieving the vision you have for your business.  It gives you a road map for the success and direction of your business.

I work with business owners to help you develop the right plan for achieving your business goals.  With your milestones identified, you can focus your efforts on moving forward in a deliberate and strategic fashion.

Your plan becomes the tool against which decisions are weighed, keeping you on-track and helping you to identify when new opportunities are the right choice or when pursuing them would be a distraction taking you away from your ultimate goal.

You may elect to work one-on-one with me or include your partner/stakeholders, your board or your management team. We can meet virtually, via video-conferencing, or we can meet live/in-person.  Prior to meeting, we’ll discuss your needs and desired outcome and determine which of the options below will best help you to achieve them.

  • Vision – Develop or Refine the Vision for Your Company
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Strategic Planning

“Working with Dianne, I fashioned out a plan which has succeeded in bringing in a gross revenue of $500,000 at a19% profit margin, with a planned acquisition of $1 million practice, which has a margin of 25%.”
~ J. Byas, California

I am also available to work with you to do:

  • Short Term Action Plans
  • Facilitated Brainstorming (described below)

Let’s discuss your needs and which option will best help you to achieve your goals.  Please use the Contact Us page to send me a note and we’ll arrange a time to talk.  No obligation, of course.  If the option you wish to use it not shown, please inquire.

Facilitated Brainstorming

Business Planning is a Key Factor in Business SuccessChoose a Facilitated Brainstorming Session for your business when you want to generate fresh ideas around a business scenario on which you are working. With Facilitated Brainstorming, you bring together up to 7 people plus yourself (minimum 3 plus yourself) for a half-day of brainstorming.

You select the participants from your roster of colleagues, partners, employees and business associates, inviting 3-7 people that you believe would be a good fit for this confidential business building session. 

Click here to display a list of examples of how you might utilize a brainstorming session. (Click again to close)

Examples of how you might use a Facilitated Brainstorming session:

    • An old problem in need of a fresh approach
    • Creating new opportunities for your business
    • Fleshing out a problem to understand the full impact on the business
    • Revitalizing your sales approach
    • Exploring new markets
    • Generating new product or service ideas
    • Updating your marketing initiatives
    • Brainstorming for decision-making; talking through a “go/no go” scenario

Facilitated Brainstorming is also available one-on-one working individually with me if you prefer a higher level of privacy for your brainstorming.

To inquire, use the Contact Us page to arrange a phone call.  We’ll discuss your situation to determine if Facilitated Brain Storming is the right choice for your needs.