More Testimonials

“Working with Dianne, I fashioned out a plan which has succeeded in bringing in a gross revenue of $500,000 at a19% profit margin, with a planned acquisition of $1 million practice, which has a margin of 25%.”

~ J. Byas, California

“…direct, honest and challenging…the fieldwork stretches me. Dianne’s coaching comes from the perspective that “you can do it and you can do it your way.”

~ M. Padilla, New York

“Nothing is canned. There is no pre-ordained program that you march all your clients through. Everything is very, very focused on my specific business and the human being that I am. Working with you moved us from being a part-time hobby business to a first-page-of-Google, almost million dollar business. It could not have happened without you!”

~ S. Penney, Virginia

“She’s a systems thinker and she isn’t going to let you stray off the track”

~ E. Baldwin, Virginia

“I’m glad I’m working with Dianne, because I’m achieving the outcomes I want.”

~ W. Hutchison, Australia