Money Metrics – Learning the Basics

Every business has a Money Metric™.

What is a Money Metric?

It’s the specific action in your business that triggers the revenue.

Problem is, most business owners don’t know what theirs is (it’s unique to each business).

So, they spend countless hours doing a myriad of “things” to grow their business without achieving their revenue goals.

Is that happening to you?  Are you achieving your revenue goals?

Identifying your Money Metric™ is a guided, proprietary process for searching through and examining what is happening in your business to identify – and create a laser focus on – the critical action that triggers the revenue in your business.

The action that triggers the revenue is unique to your business and it is often a nuance not obvious to you, the business owner, as being the critical difference to generating revenue in your business.

Once you know the specific action that triggers revenue in your business, you know what to do to increase your income.

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